Northwest Iowa City Looking at Possible Solar Project

Wed 1-18-2017

(Marathon)-- A northwest Iowa city is looking into the possibility of a solar project.

The city of Marathon and Trusted Energy, based in Spencer, are working jointly on the proposed $2.5 million project. It would include the construction and installation of a 1.42 megawatt solar project, the panels for which would be placed on a former baseball field on the north side of town. It would produce about 2 million kilowatt hours per year.

Veronica McFadden of Trusted Energy tells KUOO news the project could save residents in that town about $2 million in electric costs over the next 20 years.. McFadden goes on to explain what the next step is...McFadden 

"What we will do is present them with power purchase agreement and we will have investors, local and others, that will come to the table and say this is how we can get it done. If they like this agreement, we can get the project started. Our hope is that the city will jump on this and we could get started in May and June to get that system up in two months or less. This is a really great opportunity because the city does not have to put money out. They don't have to bond. So it's a project that can be done pretty quickly and they pay it back over time."

McFadden says federal and state tax credits would also be used to finance the project.

McFadden says this is the first time Trusted Energy has worked with a city on such a project. She says the company has worked in the past with individual farmers on projects.

The City of Marathon plans to hold a public meeting in the near future to gather community feedback, as the city has not yet fully committed itself to the proposed project.