No Word Yet As To When Spencer Aquatics Center Will Be Able To Open For The Season

Fri 6-7-2019

(Spencer)-- There's still no word as to when the Spencer Aquatics Center will be able to open for the season.

A major leak has prevented the facility from opening. City officials say about 100,000 gallons of water was lost when they first attempted to fill the pool earlier this spring. They say the problem is with an 8 inch pipe that returns water to the shallow portion of the pool. However, getting to the problem won't be easy. City officials say the pipes are under concrete, but they're confident they'll be able to locate the leak early next week. Crews plan to start pressurizing different zones of the pool on Monday in an effort to isolate the leak. Once it's found, they say the repair "should be timely". 

City officials are thanking the public for being patient and are also expressing gratitude to the Spencer YMCA.

City staff and commercial plumbers are working daily on the matter.