No Injuries Reported In Structure Fire In Lake Park

Mon 12-23-2019

(Lake Park)-- No injuries were reported in a structure fire last (Sun.) evening in Lake Park. Lake Park Fire Chief Brandon Ehret tells KUOO news firefighters were called to 101 Avenue B West around 8:45 pm...Lake Park Fire01 

"The fire was in the garage at the time, had visible flames, heavy smoke. Crews were able to get in and put a major stop on it. It was climbing the ceiling and had burned through a spot in the roof of the garage, working its way up to the peak which was directly above it there was a bedroom in the house. We were able to get in there and got it contained to the garage. We went up into the bedroom and tore about the bottom 4 or 5 inches of sheetrock off just above the carpet level, made sure there was no extension. There was no extension so we were able to finish up the overhaul and mop everything up in the garage, but yeah, crews put an awesome hit on it, got it knocked down right away and kept it from getting into the house."

Ehret says the residents were home at the time and had gone to bed. They safely got out of the house after one of them was awakened by the smell of smoke.

While firefighters did manage to contain the fire itself to the garage, Ehret says the residents temporarily have made other living arrangements...Lake Park Fire02 

"There was a power box inside the garage that was heavily damaged and some other electrical wiring so they were going to get an electrician today and make sure to get everything capped off and whatever they needed to do to make it safe. Yeah, as far as the house is concerned just smoke damage. The garage is still intact. It's got some fairly major roof damage in one corner, but all in all it was a good hit, a good save, so. It could have been a lot worse. Any idea on a possible cause? I was informed by the homeowner they had a wood stove in the garage and kind of where the origin of the fire was and the seat of it that's where we determined the cause was. We don't know if a spark got out or if a pipe got hot, but we do know there was a wood stove right there in the corner where the fire originated, so."

The Lake Park Fire Department was on the scene until about 10:30 pm or so.

They were assisted by the Lake Park Police Department, Lake Park Utilities, the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office, Dickinson County Emergency Management, and the Lake Park ambulance.