New Website Launched To Help Coordinate Local Agencies Needing Volunteers And Those Who Would Like To Volunteer During This Time Of Need

Tue 3-24-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- A new website has been launched locally to help coordinate those who would like to volunteer with services related to the coronavirus outbreak and those in need of those volunteers. Angela Kofoot of the Voluntary Action Center of Dickinson County says the site,, was a cooperative effort of several different entities...Angela Kofoot01 

"It's a website that the Presbyterian Church put together and it's in conjunction with Public Health, Voluntary Action Center, the YMCA, Beth Will at the Dickinson County Human Resources area, and many others."

Kofoot says there are two distinct parts to the site...Angela Kofoot02 

"One is do you want to volunteer, what do you want to volunteer for. Whether it's child care, or hospital workers or healthcare workers, and if you want to volunteer to pick up prescriptions or food for people who aren't allowed to go out right now. And then the second part is do you need something. Do you need child care or do you need something picked up for you."

She says they've been seeing a good response so far...Angela Kofoot03 

"They've either contacted me directly at VAC or they've gone to the website themselves. We've not seen a lot of need yet on the food or prescription side. We have seen a lot on the health or on the healthcare employees needing daycare. But now that Hy-Vee's not doing deliveries I assume that the website's going to become very popular."

Kofoot says they're also looking at ways to help defray increased costs associated with some of the programs as the demand goes up, especially for things such as Meals on Wheels. She says they are in the process of researching and applying for available grants.