New Scam Involves Your Cell Phone

Tue 12-31-2019

(Emmetsburg)-- A new scam making the rounds involves your cell phone.

Authorities in Palo Alto county say they had a report Christmas day from a resident who had received an automated call on their cell phone saying the account with their carrier was past due and that service was going to be interrupted if immediate action wasn't taken. The recipient of the call was told to press 1 for further assistance or 2 to pay the bill by PayPal. The reporting party didn't press any numbers and eventually a person got on the phone and was persistent about the bill being past due, advising service to the phone would be discontinued. The reporting party hung up and called their cell phone provider, which advised him his bill was current. The scammer, however, continued to call the reporting party.

Authorities say if you get such a call and have questions regarding the status of your bill, to call your service provider at the number listed on your billing statement.