New Program In Jackson Offers Incentive To Anyone Looking To Start A New Business In The Town's Central Business District

Wed 1-9-2019

(Jackson, Mn.)-- If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, or are looking at expanding a current business, a new opportunity in Jackson may be able to help. Molly Fransen of Bank Midwest outlines the program...Molly Fransen 

“So we are going to be releasing, what we’re calling, the Jackson Business Challenge. It’s kinda like a Shark Tank contest for Jackson. We’ve put together a $20,000 prize package to someone that has a great idea to start a business in the Central Business District of Jackson.”

Thomas Nelson with Economic Development describes the three phases of the competition...Thomas Nelson 

“So this program is split into three different phases. The first round is going to be their concept. What they want, what they’re looking to do. That second round is they’re going to be developing a full blown business plan. Then after that round, the final round, is going to be a panel of judges, they’re going to be able to go through and they’re going to give their pitch, that’s the Shark Tank portion that a lot of people are familiar with, and they’re going to be able to pitch there idea, and from that select group, we’re gonna be having the winner come forward.”

Applications are available starting Thursday, January 10, and must be submitted by February 27. For complete details, or an application, go online to