New Pharmacy To Open In Estherville

Fri 3-20-2020

(Estherville)-- A new pharmacy will be opening in Estherville in late spring or early this summer.

Andy Spurgin tells KUOO news he and a partner, Josh Borer, first started looking into the possibility back in August of last year...Spurgin01 

"I was a staff pharmacist at Estherville Drug which was a family owned independent pharmacy here in Estherville that closed up in August. After evaluating and seeing what the community needed I started to reach out to some different folks about the possibility of opening up a new independent pharmacy here in Estherville. I was put in touch with my partner, Josh Borer, who had the independent pharmacy in Atlantic, Iowa, along with some local economic development leaders and after seeing his operation down in Atlantic it was something I wanted to mimic and bring to my community."

Spurgin says making the project become a reality has involved a lot of people and he's grateful for their help...Spurgin02 

"We worked with the Estherville Area Growth Partnership as well as the Lakes Corridor, the Great Lakes Corridor Development folks that helped us set up the type of business structure that we wanted. We then sought out local investments in the project and were very well received by a group of dedicated and knowledgeable and just a good mix of angel investors around the community. Everybody kind of filled their niche well. And without the investors this project would have never happened."

Spurgin says the business will specialize primarily in pharmaceuticals...Spurgin03 

"Our front end will focus mostly on over the county pharmaceuticals, home health type equipment and vitamins, supplements, and that sort of options. Some of the services we're going to offer will focus on medication synchronization or med sync which is the process of getting people's medications all on the same day every month or every three months. It's been found to really boost adherence and benefit health outcomes. We'll also offer free in town and rural delivery; we'll be able to do all sorts of vaccinations and other statewide protocol including nicotine cessation counseling and dispensing those products as well."

Estherville Pharmacy will be located in the former Godfather's Pizza building at 1804 Central Avenue. Spurgin says they're currently in the process of remodeling the building, which will include a drive-through.