New Exhibit About To Open At Clay County Heritage

Mon 1-4-2021

(Spencer)-- A new exhibit is about to open at Clay County Heritage in Spencer. Director Stephanie Horsley says it gives a depiction of what life was like for the Plains Native Americans...Tipi Exhibit01 

"It's actually a traveling exhibit from Siouxland Heritage Museums and its entitled "Tipi". And so it focuses on the plains native americans that used to inhabit this region and the way they lived in a tipi. The traveling exhibit came with some pop up banners with a lot of educational information and photos and it also has, it came with a authentic life-sized tipi. So we're really excited to have that up along with some other artifacts that the native americans would have used and this exhibit will remain open at the Heritage Center until May 15th so there's lots of time to see it."

Horsley says there will be some related items on display as well...Tipi Exhibit02 

"We even have, we're going to be putting out in our hallway some journal entries from some of the first settlers that were in Clay county and that's really interesting too because they obviously had relationships with the native americans, they saw them and so yes, there's lots of different things to see and it's a great exhibit for any age. You can go inside the authentic tipi and see how big it is and we'll have some other fun things on display too."

The exhibit opens January 12th. Admission is free.

Clay County Heritage Center is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. COVID-19 restrictions are in place with social distancing and masks required.