New Attraction Set To Open Soon On Former Boji Bay Site On North Edge Of Milford

Mon 6-15-2020

(Milford)-- A lot of bouncing will soon be going on at the former Boji Bay site on the north edge of Milford. Ankit Narsi is developing the new attraction, called “Bouncelandia”. He says it will be larger than the current world record holder...Narsi01 

"Bouncelandia is going to have a 13,000 square foot plus bounce house. It's going to have a dee-jay booth in it with music. There will be a volleyball net, soccer goals, there will be a climbing tower, there's also a little mini, kind of obstacle course inside as well, some basketball hoops in there."

Narsi says he came up with the idea after doing some online research...Narsi02 

"Well I saw something similar on the internet and I thought it would just really be a cool idea to bring to the community here because I recently just had kids and, you know, there's not, you know, like a family entertainment kind of center around here. You know, I think you have to go to Sioux Falls to go to like a Jump Zone or Sky Zone, so yeah, I think the idea just kind of came from having kids and seeing it on the internet and I just thought it was a pretty fun, neat idea."

Narsi says the attraction will employ 10 to 15 people.

He says they're in the process of putting up the inflatables and that pending the inspection process, they're hoping to have Bouncelandia open starting this Friday.