New Aquatic Invasive Plant Causing Concern; Could Eventually Threaten Iowa Great Lakes

Tue 4-12-2016

(Paynesville, Mn.)-- Minnesota's first confirmed infestation of starry stonewort has generated a coordinated response to stopping the grass-like algae in Lake Karonis, located in north-central Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources confirmed the presence of the macro algae in August. Since then, tens of thousands of dollars and hours of research have been funneled into efforts to stop the spread of starry Stonewort.

The state DNR has ramped up boat inspections, the Karonis Lake Association is preparing to launch a $828,600 pilot project, and University of Minnesota researchers are planning lab experiments.

Starry stonewort occupies about 250 acres on Lake Karonis. It has also been confirmed in New York, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

(From the Associated Press.)