Networking Stoplights Could Be Part Of Hwy 71 Project Through Arnolds Park & Okoboji

Wed 6-9-2021

(Okoboji)-- A portion of the upcoming Highway 71 project through Arnolds Park and Okoboji could include networking stoplights.

The Okoboji City Council Tuesday evening directed City Administrator Michael Meyers to proceed in talks with the city of Arnolds Park into the possibility of applying for a grant to help cover the cost of the networking project. Meyers told the council the goal is to improve traffic flow...Meyers & Stoplights 

"So what the idea is we'd get conduit and fiber underneath the road while it's torn up and that way the traffic lights from Stakeout all the way down to the southernmost end of Arnolds Park would all be connected to each other and relaying data back and forth to each other to try and move traffic as efficiently as possible through the corridor. This is a very common thing in bigger communities."

Meyers says it would make sense to do the project while the road is torn up.

The council also directed Meyers to enter into talks with the Iowa Department of Transportation in putting together an alternate bid package for the Highway 71 project that would include replacement of standards and bases for stoplights through Okoboji. Meyers told the council the existing ones weren't made of the proper material and are rusting. There's concern they could eventually collapse.