Nature Event at Lakeside Lab on Saturday November 19th

Fri 11-18-2016 ["1838 Highway 86 Milford, IA"]

(Okoboji)-It's a free nature event at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory on Saturday afternoon, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Nature Event at Lakeside Lab on Saturday, November 19 

Two AmeriCorps Members are inviting the public to attend a nature walk and lakeshore restoration project on Saturday.

Caleb Bell and Savannah Fernholz will lead participants on the nature hike.

Bell says they'll view various habitats on the Campus of Lakeside Laboratory.  "We really want to show a couple different habitats along the lakeshore.  Here at Lakeside, there's a lot of hills that can affect water quality, so part of the nature walk we'll be showing different habitats, and how different vegetation type affect the ground cover.  So, we'll walk from the front of Lakeside Lab and we'll go through a couple different habitats and explain why there's differences."

Fernholz adds that participants may help with lakeside restoration.  "There's a good chunk of land here at Lakeside that runs from near the road all the way down to the lake, and Matt, the Groundskeeper here, is going to be reseeding it into a more native prairie type habitat.  He's cut down a lot of brush, and so that debris is just kind of strewn about.  So, we're going to help clear some of that, get them into piles so that he can eventually burn them, and then prep the area to be seeded, so we're really helping with the first steps of getting this prairie up and running."

The event is free.  Participants should meet at the entrance to Lakeside Laboratory off Highway 86 at 1 pm, dress for the weather and bring gloves. 

Refreshments will be provided.

Participants may stay for all or part of the event if desired. 

AmeriCorps Members Caleb Bell and Savannah Fernholz have been working on a fisheries study of the Iowa Great Lakes.

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