National Fire Prevention Week Is Being Observed This Week

Mon 10-5-2020

(Milford)-- This week is National Fire Prevention Week. Jason Simpson of the Milford Fire Department says the theme this year is "Serve Up Fire Safety in The Kitchen"...Simpson & Fire Prevention Week01 

"One of the things that the National Fire Prevention Association wants to make sure that everybody knows is stay focused on the food. If you're in the kitchen cooking, stay there with it; keeping the cooking areas clear, it's called a kid's free zone. All small kids should stay atleast three feet away from the stove, and electrical safety. They want you to check the cords on your appliances. And of course the number one thing is your smoke alarms."

Simpson says now is a good time to change the batteries and test them...Simpson & Fire Prevention Week02 

"National Fire Prevention Week is always a good time to get yourself some new batteries, whether the ones are still working or not working. But it's a good time to just go and change them so you've got some fresh ones. And the other number one thing that they want everybody to know is, when in doubt, just get out. That is a very key topic there. If you're not sure, just get out and call 911 and let the fire department come in and do what they are trained to do."

Simpson also encourages everyone to thank their local firefighters for their service when you see them.