Minnesota Dept. Of Health Conducting Random Surveys In Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

Fri 9-18-2020

(St. Paul)-- The Minnesota Department of Public Health is conducting a voluntary, in-person survey to understand the effect COVID-19 is having on the state's communities. The “Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response”, or CASPER, was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is an evidence-based tool.

Officials say it's goal is to help them understand how the virus has spread in communities and what caused it's spread, along with identifying the percentage of people infected with COVID-19 that have no symptoms and explore transmission and infection rates.

Team members wearing vests with name tags identifying them as members of a Minnesota Department of Health CASPER team plan to survey six regions across the state. Households included in the survey were chosen at random and again their participation is strictly optional. Team members, accompanied by a healthcare professional hired by MDH, will conduct two different COVID-19 tests, including a nasal swab test and a serology test. An MDH lab will analyze results which will be reported back to the survey participant on a confidential basis.