Minimal Damage Reported In Barn Fire Near Terril

Fri 2-5-2021

(Terril)-- No injuries were reported Thursday in a barn fire near Terril. Terril Fire Chief Tim Mathews tells KUOO news they were called to 2882 240th Street a little before 3:00 pm...Tim Mathews 

"We didn't get there yet, we called for mutual aid but when we got there we really didn't need it. It wasn't really very far away. Just on the one wall and it did get into the hay a little bit but the farmer was there and had a hose on it and we finished it and cleaned up. That was about all. We were there for probably 45 minutes at the most."

Mathews says damage to the barn fortunately was very minimal.

He says the cause is believed to have been electrical in nature.