Milford Officials Express Cautious Optimism As Water Levels Drop

Fri 3-15-2019

(Milford)-- Crews are making progress in drawing down water levels in the city of Milford. Mayor Steve Anderson says pumping operations continue at the airport...Milford Update01 

"We still have water flowing into the drainage pond over there that's not working, but we're staying ahead of it over there right now. We're actually in the process, right now, we've got a ton of water sitting on the grass runway at the Milford airport and we're pumping water off of that right now and hopefully doing that as more of a preventative measure now to kind of stay ahead of things so if this melt comes down a lot faster hopefully we won't get ourselves back in that same situation."

Anderson says the favorable forecast through most of next week will also help...Milford Update02 

"You know if it stays a little cool at night, warms up during the day, if it does a slow melt I think we'll be out of the woods. But, you know, the other thing is is that we had some great volunteers yesterday come out and help us with getting sandbags ready. So if the residents in town need sandbags, if they saw some issues before, depending on how the snow melts, we could have that same situation again. So that's what the sandbags are there for. We did it as kind of a preventative measure to get people ready, so."

The sandbags are stockpiled at the city maintenance building behind the recycling bins. Anyone with questions regarding that should contact city hall.

Anderson expressed his gratitude to the volunteers, including some Okoboji High School students, who helped fill sandbags as well as Dickinson County Emergency Management and all of those who assisted in battling the flooding.