Milford Council Votes Down Resolution To Sell City Owned Land To Housing Developer

Wed 11-25-2015

(Milford)-- Meeting in special session this (Wed. 11/25) evening, the Milford city council voted down a proposal to sell city-owned land where Smith Lumber used to be located to Community Housing Initiatives, which planned to build a 26 unit housing complex on the site. A motion adopting a resolution to approve the sale of the land failed with two voting in favor and three against. Councilman John Walters voted in favor of the motion... Housing flap01 

Councilman Jason Simpson was among the three council members that voted down the motion... Housing flap01 (1) 

Mayor Bill Reinsbach called on the council to act soon on housing, saying Milford is losing out to neighboring communities that are taking action to address the issue.

The proposed housing complex that would have been located in the heart of the city's business district drew opposition from some who said the location is simply wrong for such a development. Proponents argued it would actually complement the downtown area and would bring more people into stores.