Milford Council Reviews Annual Audit Report; City Finances About To Come Under Further Scrutiny

Tue 11-29-2016 []

(Milford)-- The Milford city council last (Mon.) evening reviewed the city's annual audit report. Representatives of Winther Stave & Company, which performed the audit, said that in their opinion, the audit turned up nothing glaring...Milford Audit01 

"Well the balances were improving and there's still some debt out there that has to be serviced on an ongoing basis, but things were being conducted in a positive way and the cash balances maintained, so."

The city's finances are about to come under further scrutiny, however. It was reported at last evening's meeting that a petition calling for a special audit of the city's finances be conducted by the state has indeed been received by the State Auditor's Office. The Winther Stave & Company representative told the council the state has requested the firm's assistance into the matter, in that they'll start off the probe by reviewing previous annual audit reports...Milford Audit02 

"At that point it's really their determination whether or to what extent they go further with any information they see that they feel DOES warrant further investigation or anything they see as part of our procedures that didn't, or, you know, we don't audit every transaction that takes place, so there could be some things not covered by our audit that were part of the petition that they still feel is worth while for them to come up here themselves and perform certain procedures."

In other business, the concil approved a development agreement with Kuch Builders following a public hearing that drew no comments; and they reappointed Taylor Huseman to another 5-year term representing the city on the Dickinson County Trails Board.