Milford City Council Votes 5-0 To Contribute $20,000 Toward Operation Of Swimming Pools At Former Boji Bay Site; Condemns Okoboji Schools Over Use Of Eminent Domain

Tue 3-10-2020

(Milford)-- The Milford City Council Monday evening voted 5 to nothing to contribute $20,000 to the YMCA, allowing it to open and operate swimming pools this coming summer on the former site of the Boji Bay property. The pools are owned by businessman Tim Kinnetz who addressed the city council last (Mon.) evening via speaker phone. Kinnetz assurred the council he would see to it that the pool equipment is operational going into the season. He also said the money would be returned to the city if for whatever reason the decision is made not to open the pools...Kinnetz & Pools 

"Well I have a reputation to maintain and if the pools do not open, every penny is going to go back to the city of Milford, for whatever reason, you know. We're in the middle of a pandemic and there may not be crowds of people this summer, so to a certain degree we're all kind of rolling the dice and crossing our fingers that we're going to have an entertainment venue for families in the summer in Milford. But I made a personal promise to Andrew and the YMCA that at the end of the year when we reconcile the numbers if the revenue generated from the swimming pools does not equal the expenses that the Y has put in, I'm back filling every extra dollar to make them come out even. And I promised $10,000 on top of that for them to use in their effort for the program."

Of the $20,000 being contributed by the city, $12,500 will come out of the current fiscal year budget with the remainder coming from the upcoming fiscal year budget. A formal written agreement will now be drafted which will come back to the council for formal approval. Mayor Steve Anderson expressed concern over how the city will come up with the funds.

On another matter, the Milford City Council also Monday evening voted unanimously to adopt a resolution expressing opposition to the use of emminent domain by the Okoboji School Board. It pertains specifically to property owned by Don and Judy Brinkley just south of the high school in Milford. No school board members or the Superintendent were present for the matter. However a school employee who was at the meeting said the city has also used eminent domain in the past.