Milford City Council Meets In Joint Session With MMU Trustees

Tue 11-10-2020

(Milford)-- A portion of Monday evening's Milford City Council meeting was conducted in a joint session with trustees of Milford Municipal Utilities. Among the topics discussed was the possibility of city crews mowing and spraying MMU properties. Mayor Steve Anderson said they were open to the discussion, but indicated there could be an issue with the availability of personnel...Council & MMU01 

"I don't think it's an equipment issue, I think it's a personnel issue and whether we hire more staff to, you know, if we hired more staff then we might have more time, I think we would have time to be able to do it. We just had our Personnel Committee meeting last week with the parks employees so we haven't even gotten a chance to talk to the council about what we discussed at that meeting, what we got figured out, so."

On another matter, Anderson outlined his goal to study the city's infrastructure and put together a capital improvements plan, something he hopes the city can at least get started on in the upcoming year...Council & MMU02 

"Sanitary sewer is going to get cameraed first and then the storm sewer is going to get cameraed second so we know what our infrasctructure looks like. and then get an idea of what our streets are. We've been talking about, or I've been talking about getting some core samples around to figure out what we can do with different streets and then from there kind of put a capital improvements plan together."

A solar project, possible equipment sharing, the P Avenue and A-34 projects and Q Avenue county-owned property were other topics of discussion.

The Milford City Council also Monday evening tabled action on a proposed parking agreement between the city, Faith Community Church and the Okoboji Community School District. Councilman Andy Yungbluth said he wants the city's Zoning Administrator to review it to make sure it will provide the school district enough parking spots to meet requirements before any formal action is taken.