Milford City Council Hears From Okoboji School Board Member

Tue 3-24-2020

(Milford)-- The Milford City Council Monday evening heard from an Okoboji School Board member expressing a desire for the two entities to sit down and iron out their differences. The city council earlier this month called out the school board on several ongoing disputes with the city, and adopted a resolution criticizing the board for what the city claimed was an inappropriate use of eminent domain. School Board member Jon Pausley last (Monday) evening made reference to the resolution in addressing the city council...City Vs School01 

"The city council has made clear with the resolution passed on March 9th their disagreement with the school board decision about eminent domain and the Brinkley property. I can only assume, though, that the city has positive intent for wanting to defend its support of the Brinkley family who have been wonderful citizens and supporters of this community their entire lives. I'm hearing that through different letters and different conversations with folks. The location of their family home and ongoing growth of the school property in proximity to each other is unfortunate for them, unfairly difficult and obviously have been financially costly. Nobody likes the situation. It's difficult and complex. The city council has emphatically expressed your disagreement with the school board decision. It is heard and by me personally and not been taken without consideration. Perhaps a way forward can still be found and perhaps not. In either case I hope that we can have a renewed relationship and communication going forward. I hope for a relationship and communication based on assuming positive intent for our entities and the citizens whom we represent."

Council members Andy Yungbluth and Aaron Gephart said they too would be open to either a joint meeting between the two entities, or to a meeting with representatives of the council and school board, to try to reach some sort of common ground.