Milford City Council Hears From City Attorney Regarding Donation Agreements With Non-Profit Groups

Mon 1-11-2021

(Milford)-- The Milford City Council Monday evening decided to go along with a recommendation from City Attorney David Stein, Jr. when it comes to the city making contributions to non profit entities. Stein told the council he's recommending the city have some kind of written agreement with any groups it contributes to that spells out how the city would benefit by it. Stein says it's based on some correspondence he's received from the State Auditor's Office...David Stein Jr 

"Having something of record and not just handing out the funds. So that way, if and when, well you're going to be audited, that it doesn't appear that you're just doling out money with no strings attached. I mean it's a tough deal and times are tough and people want to do what they can to help these groups and that's noble, but the auditor's raising the issue that there needs to be some kind of tie in there. Economic development, there needs to be a written agreement as to what service is being provided rather than just handing out the funds, so."

In other business, the council directed city staff to send a letter to county officials outlining questions they have regarding specifications for a project in drainage district 50. A portion of the district lies within Milford city limits. City officials say they want to ask the questions in advance of a public hearing the the Board of Supervisors, who serves as trustees of the district, will be holding January 19th.

The council also voted to extend COVID-19 sick leave provisions until the end of April.