Milford City Council Gets An Ear Full From South Shore Estates Residents Regarding Lower Gar Outlet

Tue 8-13-2019

(Milford)-- The Milford City Council Monday evening heard from residents in the South Shore Estates Area opposed to any plans to increase outflow capacity at the Lower Gar Outlet. One man who spoke referred to a petition that was distributed to those living in that area...Lower Gar Controversy01 

"99 percent of the people are opposed to this out there. There's 125 properties out there and if you put a $350,000 price tag on them, it's $45 million for Milford."

The city of Milford, along with Dickinson county, have joint jurisdiction of a road that passes over the outlet. Opposition was expressed to any possibility of the city giving up its share of the jurisdiction to the county...Lower Gar Controversy02 

"What is the benefit to Milford to give up 50 percent of their rights on that road? That's what I want to know."

The discussion comes in advance of a joint meeting the Milford City Council wants to have with the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors regarding the matter. Councilman Bill Huse says there's one message in particular he wants the supervisors to hear...Lower Gar Controversy03 

"I think we should still talk to them. I think they need to understand that we don't believe it's Milford's problem what's happening up on West Lake. I don't believe that's Milford's problem."

A date for the joint meeting hasn't yet been announced, however the Board of Supervisors will discuss a letter they received from the city of Milford regarding the Lower Gar Outlet at their meeting this (Tues.) morning.