Milford City Council Considers Proposed Revisions To Zoning Ordinance

Tue 9-14-2021

(Milford)-- Several public hearings highlighted Monday evening's Milford City Council meeting. One of those pertained to some proposed revisions to the city's zoning ordinance. Among them is one that would make schools a principal permitted use instead of a special exception. That drew concern from the city's previous Zoning Administrator, Don Brinkley...Milford City Council 091301 

"It's still a special exception use in the single family, but it's discriminating against multi family. And those of you that live in single family areas don't have to worry about this. But those of you that live in multi family areas where our school facilities are, they aren't going to be notified when the school decides they are going to be doing something, they'll just go through the special permit, it doesn't go through special exception, it goes through a regular permit process."

The council held a first reading of the proposed changes and sent them back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for further fine tuning.

The council also held a public hearing on a voluntary annexation request. Michael Jensen owns three and-a-half acres of land in the Lower Gar area, which is currently in the county. He told the council he plans to develop seven lots that are on the water, adding it would bring a significant boost to the city's property tax valuation. The council approved the request, which now goes before the city development board at the state level.

The Milford City Council also Monday evening voted to advertise for a full-time employee that would serve in a combined role as Zoning Administrator and as a worker in the city's Parks and Public Works Department. The head of the city's Parks Board expressed her support of combining the two positions siting issues they've had in the past with hiring maintenance help for the parks...Milford City Council 091302

"I am all for us adjusting our budget or doing what we need to do to get a full time employee. And it's hard because we can't pay enough because we are set on a budget scale and that goes up just a little bit at a time and so we don't start somebody out at very much so we don't get any good candidates." 

The council also set the date for a public hearing on proposed changes to some parking regulations.