Milford City Council Adopts Zoning Change For Short Term Rentals; Gives Final Approval To Sewer Rate Increase

Mon 7-27-2020

(Milford)-- The Milford City Council Monday evening adopted an amendment to the city's zoning ordinance that makes short term vacation rentals allowable for 31 days through a special exception use permit in areas zoned three residential multi-family. The council took the action following a public hearing. Don Brinkley, the city's Zoning Administrator, said he was concerned over some possible enforcement issues with the change...Short Term Rentals 

"Keep in mind that this is now a business use that is going to be allowed in multi-family residential areas so, you know, we may be opening up a whole can of worms here as far as enforcement. That's the only thing that I look at. And the special exception use, if the people, by using the special exception use, if the people in the area close to this don't step forward and do not voice their opinion pro or con to this, then, you know, that's what it's going to be, so."

The council also Monday evening heard an update from John Wills representing the Dickinson County Water Quality Commission. Wills said the commission is turning more of its attention now to projects to improve water quality in Lower Gar and the lower chain of lakes...Water Quality Comm. Update 

"In order to do that we have to remove four thousand pounds of phosphorous within the Lower Gar watershed itself and then four thousand from Big Spirit, East Lake, West Okoboji, all in the upper chain. So what we're really trying to do is do exactly that: remove eight thousand pounds of phosphorous from reaching Lower Gar Lake and at which case we hope to achieve a clear water state. Well this year we actually got some clear water and guess what happened? We had an explosion of weeds, a lot of people call them weeds, curly leaf pond weed was the weed of choice. So next year the curly leaf pond weed organization group is going to have to look at are we going to help those folks on Lower Gar to have access to the lake, removing lanes like we did on East Lake Okoboji and that sort of thing so that they can get out to the lake and enjoy their lake as well."

In other business, the Milford City Council also Monday evening gave final approval to a six percent per year increase in sewer rates over the next four years.