Milford-Based Landmark Products Enjoys Even More Growth

Wed 11-6-2019

(Milford)-- A Milford-based company that got its start as the Picadilly Circus pizza restaurant chain has enjoyed continued growth in recent years, and is expanding even further.

Dana Evaro, Vice President of Marketing for Landmark Products tells KUOO news they continue to diversify their line of products and have gone not only national, but international with their marketing...Evaro01 

"Well it seems right now most of what we do has someone else's name on it. We do a lot of private label manufacturing for pizza dough, pizza crust, and sandwiches. And we make those items for a lot of the companies you know every day and buy from every day across the United States in convenience stores and grocery stores, in healthcare facilities, the military, we do a lot of business with the military, providing them foods under their own brands so that they can feed their sites."

As a result, Evaro says Landmark Products is continually expanding its workforce...Evaro02 

"And we just added another 80,000 square feet of space so that we can increase our production capacity, and so we are hiring, we have many positions available and so what I would do is encourage you to go to and click on the careers tab. That will give you a rundown of what currently is available but you know what, even if you don't see something there that fits your needs, I would still pop in and put a resume in and or application because things are coming up quite often. We're growing."

The production facility for Landmark Products is located just west of Milford on County Road A-34.