Mid American Energy, Black Hills Energy Say Their Customers Are Again Being Targeted By Scammers

Wed 2-28-2018

(Des Moines)-- Officials with Mid American Energy and Black Hills Energy say their customers are again being targeted by scammers. 

Officials with the utilities say the telephone scam is similar to previous ones, in which an imposter threatens to shut off power unless the customer makes an immediate payment with a prepaid debit card.

They say it also is similar to previous scams in which imposters spoof their caller ID, making it appear the number is coming from the utility company or other legitimate source.

Officials say anyone getting such a call should hang up and report it to law enforcement. Most utility companies say they do not call customers demanding immediate payment. If you do have a question regarding the status of your bill they say you should call the number listed on the statement. Do NOT call the number on your caller ID.