Members Of Local Law Enforcement Community Express Reactions In Police Shootings In Des Moines area

Wed 11-2-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- Members of the local law enforcement community are expressing their thoughts following this (Wed.) morning's fatal shootings of two police officers in the Des Moines area. Dickinson County Sheriff Greg Baloun says this incident hits too close to home. He says while officers and deputies are constantly training, that they can never be prepared for violence of this nature...Officers Shot Reactions01 

"Well you can't train for an ambush. I mean these guys were innocently sitting in their car probably doing something on their computers and, you know, were snipered. So be careful of your surroundings and where to be. It will probably change something now."

Baloun says if there's any silver linings to the recent violence toward law enforcement, it would be that officers are seeing more support from the public...Cops shot02 

"We've had an awesome response from John Q. Public since the Dallas incident. I've been in the business for 30 years and we've had more people put their head in the doorway with words of encouragement and things like that going on. So people are aware and grateful for what we do and the guys keep that in mind and go from there."

Spirit Lake Police Chief Jeff Hanson says police and law enforcement in general can no longer take simple things for granted...Cops Shot03 

"I just remind the officers to stay vigilant and make sure you're aware of your surroundings and pay close attention if someone is approaching their car, you know, and just protect yourself the best way possible."

Hanson says they're grateful to members of the local community that have shown their support toward law enforcement, and to those who helped with the recent blue light campaign....Cops Shot04 

"I feel it makes law enforcement in the area feel good that the public does support us and sometimes we don't hear that all the time and a lot of the times when we're dealing with people we may not be having a positive interaction with them, you know. It could be that they were involved in an accident or a victim of a crime or something like that. But it's always nice to have positive interaction with the public."

Those who have the blue lights are encouraged to once again light them over the next several nights to show their support for law enforcement.

Hanson says at least one representative of the Spirit Lake Police Department will attend memorial services for the slain officers.