Mayor Of Spencer Urges Everyone To Exercise Caution & Follow Guidelines With The Re-Opening Of Some Businesses & Restaurants

Fri 5-1-2020

(Spencer)-- The Mayor of Spencer is urging residents to abide by guidelines and use common sense if they plan to venture out now that restaurants and retail establishments are re-opening today (Fri.). Speaking Thursday evening at a press conference, Kevin Robinson said just because things are starting to re-open doesn't mean the COVID-19 crisis is over...Robinson01 

"We still need to take COVID-19 very seriously. Want to remind everyone the CDC has recommended that everyone wear masks in public. Do everything you can to reduce the spread of the disease and please stay vigilant during this time. We are still in an increased trend line. Part of that is due to increased testing, but we are not at a plateau and we are not declining so please pay attention and stay informed. If you do go out and partake in those businesses that have opened back up, please be very respectful of the staffs. They're doing everything that they can to create a safe environment for you to be in. And likewise as a patron you need to take all the measures that you can to make sure that they stay safe as well."

Robinson added the Spencer City Council will consider the next steps for some city facilities at their meeting Monday evening...Robinson02 

"We're looking at taking a two-step approach, maintaining our current status through May 18th which is our next council meeting, and then making a decision at that point to extend it to June 1st, or take a different course of action. So that's where we are."

Robinson added the closure of campgrounds, pools, playgrounds was mandated by the Governor. That mandate has not yet been lifted. Robinson says once that mandate is lifted by the Governor, the city could opt to keep them closed if it sees fit.