Mayor Of One Area Town Says There's A Fine Line Between Enforcement Of Public Health Mandates And Individual Rights; Signs Proclamation To That Affect

Fri 11-20-2020

(Milford)-- Citing constitutional freedoms, the Mayor of one area town says his Police Chief and officers will not actively enforce public health mandates. Milford Mayor Steve Anderson issued a proclamation today (Fri.) saying...quote: “...citizens have certain rights and liberties that shall not be infringed upon and that any proclamation or executive order that requires masks to be worn or further limits occupancy on private property beyond currently passed legislation or ordinances will not be enforced by the Milford Police Department within the city limits of Milford, Iowa.”

Anderson is quick to point out, however, that if a business has a mask requirement in place and that if someone violates the policy, that police will still respond if contacted...Anderson & Public Health Enforcement 

"If a business or a property owner or any facility that is a private property, if they want to require people to have a mask, then they can do that. You know, if somebody, if there's a person, say a business is requiring someone to wear a mask and someone refuses to do it, then the officers can respond to that because there's a requirement there, you're not following that requirement, and that person can be removed from the property. But when you get to restricting people, how many people can be on a private property, for, you know, like everyone's talking about Thanksgiving, that really starts to infringe heavily on individual rights and so there's got to be a way of weighing out that we don't impact our rights with trying to protect public health, and that's my biggest concern."

Anderson says he isn't saying the virus isn't an issue, but likewise he says there's a fine line between protecting public health and individual rights.

You can read Mayor Anderson's full proclamation by clicking here.