Master Gardener Training To Be Offered

Mon 7-8-2019

(Spencer)-- There's another opportunity coming up for those interested in becoming a Master Gardener. Sarah Dirks of the Clay County Extension Office says they'll be holding upcoming training sessions for those in Clay, Dickinson and Emmet counties who would like to become certified as a Master Gardner...Dirks01 

"Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 until 8:00 pm. Locations will vary. There's also a hands-on Saturday workshop in Ames October 19th and the final celebration will be on November 19th. Some of the subjects that are covered are houseplants, turf grass, landscape design, plant propagation, soils, integrated pest management, entemology, plus so much more. Sessions are taught using the flipped classroom approach which means that lectures will be provided to watch online at home freeing up your class time for hands-on activities and tours."

Dirks adds there are some responsibilities to fulfill once the Master Gardner designation has been achieved...Dirks02 

"To maintain your master gardener status you must volunteer and share your knowledge with your community as well as continue to learn by staying up to date on gardening techniques and issues. Master gardener volunteers are passionate about volunteering and gardening but no previous gardening knowledge is required."

The deadline to sign up for the program is quickly approaching...Dirks03 

"So the cost for a master gardener training program is $195. Clay county is offering a reimbursement of $50 to first three Clay county residents once coursework is complete. Registration is online and the deadline to register is coming up on July 16th."

Those with questions or wanting more information should contact Dirks at the Clay County Extension Office in Spencer.