Marble Beach Campground To Remain Closed A Little While Longer

Fri 5-15-2020

            (Spirit Lake)-- The Marble Beach campground on the west side of Big Spirit Lake is going to remain closed a little while longer. 

Tim Ritchie is State Parks Manager for the Gull Point Complex for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He tells KUOO news it's due to some grass that was planted last fall...Ritchie01 

"We did the hydroseeding late last fall. Basically we're just waiting for that grass to get established before we open it back up. We want to have a good ground cover back in there and be able to get the silt fence and other protective measures removed. We can't take the silt fence down until the grass is up. We've got to do some signage. We're waiting on some signs specific for that area that need to be installed, but it shouldn't be too long. We're hoping to have it open by July 1 but we don't have a hard date right now."

Ritchie adds the DNR is just as anxious as anyone else to get it re-opened...Ritchie02 

"You know, nobody wants to get it reopened more than we do. You know, it's going to be really nice. We're excited to get the public in there to enjoy it so we'll get it open just as soon as we can."

The Marble Beach Campground has been closed the past two seasons due to a major renovation.