Man Who's Life Has Been Personally Impacted By Drugs & Alcohol Speaking To Local Students And Parents

Wed 5-8-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- A man who's life has been personally impacted through the use of drugs and alcohol spoke this (Wed.) morning to Spirit Lake middle and high school students. 39-year-old Ethan Fisher has been taking his story nationwide. He tells KUOO news it's a crusade he's dedicated himself to after making some very bad decisions earlier in his life...Ethan Fisher01 

"So basically I use my life as a story to convey messages about the issues of substance abuse, drunk driving, alcohol abuse and then mental health. I talk about self-medication all through middle school and high school to the point that I ended up failing out of five college basketball programs due to substance abuse and alcohol use. Ultimately did one of the worse things I could imagine, drunk drove and ended up taking the life of an innocent person. So now I'm on a mission to educate as many students, parents, community members about the dangers of alcohol and drugs and mental health, and just trying to change the stigma around the subject because people are afraid to talk about it. So I'm trying to do my part to make this world safer and better because of the bad mistakes I made." 

Fisher says he's been pleased with the response he's been getting from young people, including those he spoke to today in Spirit Lake...Ethan Fisher02 

"It's very difficult because of the subject matter, but when I get the letters from kids, and I've gotten thousands of letters where kids said they took the keys from somebody at a graduation party. So these are the things that motivate me to keep doing this because it doesn't matter what coast you're on or region, these are issues affecting everyone in the country."

This (Wed.) evening, Fisher will address adults in the community...Ethan Fisher03 

"So tonight when I do the parent and community session, it's more about educating the parents of what the statistical averages are across the country for substance abuse and alcohol, mental health for middle school, high school. But I also make the parents take a few minutes to look at themselves and pull out the stats and figures for the same topics for parent demographics and it makes a parent really take a look not only at their kids but at themselves and say hey, am I dealing with these same issues? Do I need to go talk to somebody? Because if you don't care of yourself, how are you going to take care of your kids?"

This (Wed.) evening's presentation begins at 7:00 pm at the Pearson Lakes Art Center. It's free of charge and adults from throughout the area are invited.