Man Faces Multiple Charges In High Speed Pursuit In Lyon County, Speeds As High As 120 MPH

Fri 11-25-2016 []

(Rock Rapids)-- A suspect in a high speed pursuit Tuesday in Lyon county faces multiple charges.

The Sheriff's Office says it started when a deputy responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in an intersection on Highway 75. The left the scene at a high rate of speed when the deputy arrived, passing other vehicles in prohibited areas.

A second deputy joined in the pursuit and deployed a set of stop sticks on the south edge of Rock Rapids. The vehicle struck the strips and continued into Rock Rapids at a high rate of speed. The driver attempted to turn westbound onto Highway 9 but was unable to do so as both tires were flat.

The driver, 21-year-old Bayron Revolorio Garcia, who's address wasn't included in a press release, was charged with eluding, forgery, intentity theft, operating under the influence, failure to have a valid driver's license, operation without registration, violation of financial liabilty coverage, speeding, prohibited passing, failure to slow down or move over for certain vehicles, failure to yield to emergency vehicles and reckless driving.

Authorities say speeds in the pursuit were as high as 120 mph.

They say the incident remains under investigation and that more charges are possible.