Maintenance Work Results In Closure Of Dickinson County Road N-14 South Of Terril

Wed 6-7-2017

(Terril)-- A heavily traveled road in southeastern Dickinson county has been closed to traffic for the next several weeks.

Dickinson County Engineer Dan Eckert says a stretch of County Road N-14 has been closed near the Dickinson/Clay county line south of Terril for some maintenance work...N14 Detour01 

"What we're doing is we're taking traffic east one mile at the Clay county line then north three miles on gravel up to the paved A-48 road then back west, so it will be four miles of gravel. What we're doing there is we're replacing a culvert and doing some repair on some other culverts and also doing a bunch of pavement patching and some shoulder widening down there on the curve by the Clay county line. We think about 15 to 20 days it will be. The good news is hopefully we're open to traffic by the 4th of July again."

Eckert encourages anyone who can avoid traveling through that area to take a different route if possible...N14 Detour02 

"It's not a great detour. It's a gravel road and we're doing the best to suppress dust on it with all the traffic of N-14 but if people could find an alternate route for the next couple of weeks that would be wonderful."

The detour went into affect this (Wed.) morning.