Maintenance Work On Portions Of Dickinson Co. Trails System To Start Tuesday (5/5) Weather Permitting

Mon 5-4-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Maintenance work is getting underway this week on several sections of the Dickinson County Trails System. Erin Reed of the Dickinson County Trails Board tells KUOO news the work, weather-permitting, is scheduled to start tomorrow (Tues.). She says some of it is a carryover from last year...Erin Reed01 

"Which would involve some overlay work that starts over by the barns and the Ranch Okoboji Mini Golf Park, and that will run along 175th Street, and then it moves over to by the Pearson Lakes Art Center and runs along the Nature Center Trail there over to Kenue Park, and that will all be an overlay project. And then we do have some carry over on crack sealing and slurry leveling and fog sealing that will run on the Spine Trail from Okoboji City Hall up to Kiwanis Park in Spirit Lake, and then from Kiwanis Park we have more overlay work being done and ramp, curb ramp improvements, and then from our Federal Rec Trails Program we've got maintenance funding to overlay starting at 15th Street in Spirit Lake and that will run along the Spine Trail up into where the trail meets Hill Avenue by the old Gingham Inn, and then it will jump over to the fish hatchery, we'll be doing an overlay around that side of Big Spirit Lake."

Reed says trail users will need to stay clear of those areas while the work is going on...Erin Reed02 

"If you see barricades up don't even bother going down there, so. And they'll have to keep like one end of the project open and they'll have people there to guide the trucks through as they're paving, and then so there will be someone there to kind of stop people where they have to leave the trail open. But it will go fairly quickly. I mean probably, you know, for the Nature Center Trail probably only take, you know, a week. And then the stuff on the north part of Spirit Lake will probably take a couple weeks."

Reed says all of the work should be done by Memorial Day Weekend.

In all, Reed says there will be over four miles of asphalt overly along with 3.5 miles of crack and fog sealing.