LRH To Once Again Offer Certain Elective Surgeries Beginning Monday, May 11th

Wed 5-6-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Lakes Regional Healthcare announced today (Wed.) it will resume some elective surgeries beginning this coming Monday. Hospital officials say the types of surgeries will be limited and will be offered to patients meeting a set criteria established by physicians.

Governor Kim Reynolds a couple of weeks ago issued a proclamation that allowed hospitals to once start offering the procedures, but Lakes Regional Healthcare temporarily held up. CEO and President Jason Harrington says due to the low COVID-19 caseload and what appears to be a low community spread for now, atleast, that they've made the decision to move ahead...Jason Harrington01 

"At this current time we certainly have the sufficient amount of inpatient beds, both med-surg and intensive care unit beds. We're fortunate to also have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment, you probably hear it referred to as PPE. Given those two factors and the current low amount of spread in Dickinson county, we believe that we can start to re-implement surgeries in a very responsible way."

Harrington says they'll continuously monitor the situation and make any necessary changes...Jason Harrington02 

"Every two weeks, or actually every week, we'll re-evaluate our methodical, step-wise plan to say, you know, do we continue to have the right number of beds, do we continue to have the right amount of personal protective equipment, have we seen growth in COVID-19 cases in our service area? And we'll make determinations going forward as to whether we can continue doing those types of procedures, whether we can expand those, or whether that because of other things, that we need to contract those or if we need to discontinue doing those types of procedures."

Harrington added Lakes Regional Healthcare will not resume total joint replacement surgeries for now. He says those are still being prohibited by the Governor's orders.