LRH Foundation Helping You Make Someone's Day A Little More Special While Raising Funds For An Important Project

Tue 2-23-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- The Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation is embarking upon a special fundraising campaign. Sonja Hamm, Vice President of Human and Foundation Resources at LRH tells KUOO news this is the second year for their “Roses Just Because” program...Sonja Hamm Roses Just Because01 

"So we've launched this program a couple of years now but this year it's special because we've been able to partner with someone local, Ferguson's Floral and Garden Center, so that's been a real exciting feature for this year. So for a simple $25 you can buy a dozen of roses and, you know, for a coworker, maybe it's a grandparent, a neighbor or teacher or somebody just because. And so again, nothing in particular. Focus on a birthday or some other holiday or a special treat that would bless somebody's day and brighten it up just a little bit and in the meantime you get to help the foundation out and so yeah, just a fun little program that is kind of just a little bit of cheer spread."

Hamm says the proceeds will go to their Patient Protection Fund...Sonja Hamm Roses Just Because02 

"You may have seen something come out about that right around Christmastime. It was one of our holiday appeals that we worked on as well and what that is specifically is it's for us to get some dollars for a negative pressure room here at the hospital and I know COVID has been top of mind for a lot of people and we are addressing it for those reasons but what that room will do is basically an isolation room where the negative pressure in that room will keep those micro organisms in the room from going out into the hallway or other patient rooms. And so it's for things like COVID or other infectious diseases like hepatitis B or even the flu. So it does of course certainly sing to the COVID issue that has been going on, but it's again to keep those viruses from going out into the hallways and other patient rooms and infecting others. So we've got a couple in place already here at the hospital but we would like to be able to construct a couple more of those and really kind of refabricate a couple of the rooms that we already have, so."

All orders for roses must be placed and prepaid by Friday, March 12th. You can do that by contacting Hamm at 336-8791 or by messaging Lakes Regional Healthcare through their Facebook page.

Roses will be available for pickup at Ferguson's Floral and Garden Center on Tuesday, April 20th from 12:30 pm until 5:00 pm.