LRH, Dickinson Co. Public Health Conducting Health Needs Assessment

Tue 11-27-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Officials with Lakes Regional Healthcare and Dickinson County Public Health are requesting residents complete a survey pertaining to healthcare services in the area. Jennifer Gustafson of Lakes Regional Healthcare tells KUOO news the Community Health Needs Assessment is being conducted to meet a requirement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in 2010...Health Needs Assessment01 

"The primary purpose of the Community Health Needs Assessment that we're doing is to make sure that we understand and engage with our communities that we serve, mainly in Dickinson county, so that we can identify the most pressing needs of our communities. Then what we do with that information is we meet with other area organizations whether it's medical, office, clinics, whether it's Upper Des Moines Opportunity, or Seasons Center or a whole multitude of organizations to basically develop a plan in which to address these issues that the residents bring up to our attention."

Gustafson says there are several ways in which to obtain a copy of the survey...Health Needs Assessment02 

"It takes just literally like five minutes, maybe up to 15 if you want to give us a whole lot of information and but it's usually just like five minutes and like 30 questions. You can go onto our website, at and it's right there on our home page, so it's real easy to just click on it from there. Otherwise if you want to fill out a paper survey you can stop at the Bedell Family YMCA at their main location, or in the hospital's east entrance and there at the desk we have a paper copy. These surveys are anonymous so you don't have to worry that oh my gosh they're going to know exactly what I said. We'll know what was said but we won't know it was you that said it. We just want that information and the more information we have the better we can take care of people in the community and that's what we're after."

The surveys are available until December 5th. They must also be returned by that date.