LRH Converts Medical Records To Integrate With Avera Network

Mon 5-5-2014

(Spirit Lake)-- Officials with Lakes Regional Healthcare say they've converted the hospital's electronic health record system to one that's compatible through the Avera network. Hospital President and CEO Jason Harrington says the new system will allow them to gather clinical data and share it instantly with all members of the patient's care team, increasing efficiencies between Lakes Regional Healthcare and all other Avera-related facilities. For instance, Harrington says the record of a patient seen at an Avera physician clinic and later at LRH's emergency room or at any other Avera affiliated location, such as the Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, will be immediately accessible to hospital staff and physicians.

Hospital officials add the new process will end the need to fax and wait on information before an exam or test can be done.

Converting to the new system carried a $4.5 million dollar price tag with it. Officials with Lakes Regional say the hospital's relationship with Avera reduced its share to $2.5 million.