LRH Breaks Ground On New Medical Clinic

Mon 5-6-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- A groundbreaking ceremony was held this (Mon.) afternoon on the construction of a new clinic adjacent to Lakes Regional Healthcare in Spirit Lake, replacing the current facility. The $8 million project includes a renovation of the hospital's west side.

Jason Harrington, President and CEO of Lakes Regional Healthcare, tells KUOO news one of the most exciting aspects of the clinic project is the merger of Lakes Family Practice and Spirit Lake Medical Center under one roof...Harrington01 

"I think that's the power of this. I think those two groups together, our ability to recruit physicians in the future will be heightened. I think our ability for them to share calls and create a life style that's high quality recruitment. It will just create a really, really strong environment. I'm most excited about that. And you actually unveiled the new name for that today. Yes that was sort of unexpected. I wasn't expecting Doctor Voorst to do that, but yes. Lakes Regional Family Medicine will be the name of the group. Some people will find that unoriginal but I think it's very descriptive of kind of the unification both of the groups and of the hospital in that we're a united campus here and so we're super excited about that."

Harrington says the project is expected to take about 14 months to complete, and that it will have a ripple effect on the area's economy...Harrington02 

"We specifically broke it down into as many construction projects as we could, so there are 20. A significant number of those contracts will be local contractors, so we're excited to support the local economy that way. Too many to even list in terms of the acknowledgements. Our physicians, our volunteers. The community and patients most importantly. We certainly inconvenienced the Spirit Lake Medical Center patients having to go kind of a whole city block and upstairs in order to be seen. But we appreciate their patience as well."

The clinic is temporarily located on a portion of the second level of Lakes Regional Healthcare.

Harrington also thanked all those who helped make the project a reality.

The project is slated for completion in the fall of 2020.