Lost Resorts of the Iowa Great Lakes due out June 29

Fri 6-5-2020 Arnolds Park, Ia

(Arnolds Park)-A new book chronicles the Lost Resorts of the Lakes area, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Lost Resorts of the Iowa Great Lakes due out June 29 

A new book will be published at the end of June titled, Lost Resorts of the Iowa Great Lakes.

Author Jonathan Reed says he was inspired to write the book when the Inn at Okoboji came down.  "I had completed my first book for Arcadia Publishing a few years prior, and I really didn't have any intention of doing another book, and then, The Inn was put up for sale and sold in 2017.  That was the germ, the inspiration and the impetus to go ahead and take a look into some of the old resorts."

He notes that the book is part of the Images of America Series.  "Images of America is a series of books where the author assembles photographs, in my case in this book I have 195 of them, and then write captions, if you will, for each one.  Also, in this book I kind of divided it up from the very early arrivals, then I delve into Hotel Orleans, Templar Park, Crescent Beach, Vacation Village and then the Mom and Pop resorts that everyone seems to love so much."

Lost Resorts of the Iowa Great Lakes will be published June 29 and will be available at local outlets including the Maritime Museum.

Hear the full interview with Jonathan Reed:

Interview with Jonathan Reed