Local Youth Group Students Among Those Stranded On Freeway During East Coast Snow Storm

Tue 1-26-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- 13 members of a youth group from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Spirit Lake were among those finding themselves stranded in a massive snowstorm that struck the east coast this past weekend. Mary Brant of Spirit Lake was chaperoning the students, who spent some 56 hours on a tour bus. Brant tells KUOO news they were on their way back from participating in a right to life demonstration at the nation’s capital...Stranded01 

Fortunately, Brant says the outdoor temperature was relatively mild...Stranded02  

Brant says fortunately the bus had just fueled up a short time prior to the incident, so they had plenty of fuel and stayed warm. She also says food and water weren’t much of a concern, although they did tell the kids to ration what they had. Brant says the experience is one that will stick with them the rest of their lives and that it served as a lesson that we take a lot for granted...Stranded03 

Brant says they had plenty of company in that they were in a convoy of buses that had made the trip, and that the experience also gave the kids a chance to get to know each other.