Local Physician Says Big Increase In COVID-19 Cases In Dickinson County Is Very Concerning

Mon 6-8-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- There's growing concern as the number of COVID-19 cases in Dickinson county continues to increase. The county has seen its caseload more than double in the past week. Dr. Zach Borus of Avera Medical Group Spirit Lake Medical Center and Dickinson County Public Health says the county had one of the highest rates in the nation in per capita infections this past week. He says the numbers we are seeing now are indicative of Memorial Day weekend and that the exponential increase in cases is very likely to continue for some time to come...Dr. Borus Update01 

"We know that there were exposures at some of the local establishments where things have spread and some of those started on Memorial Day and that now we're starting to see secondary affects of those where people who have friends where they still continue to be in contact with, those folks are getting tested and testing positive. So that's part of it, and then there are some who have brought it in to the county from other known hot spots."

Dr. Borus says fortunately as of right now atleast there are no COVID-19 hospitalizations at Lakes Regional Healthcare but he says that's likely to change as the cases continue to grow...Dr. Borus Update02 

"If you look at our numbers in terms of the population which tested positive we have quite a high number of young adults who have tested positive and as we know or have started to know, those folks are less likely to get severely ill, but as we started testing more people who have known contacts more of these folks have tested positive. I think when they start potentially getting their elderly grandmother sick or their parents who may have diabetes or other chronic health conditions, when those folks start testing positive I think we will likely see more in patient numbers and more in severely ill folks, unfortunately."

Dr. Borus offers this advice to any business who has an employee that has tested positive for the virus...Dr. Borus Update03 

"I will say that businesses are being informed that if they have a worker who tests positive, we encourage if you are having a test or if you know of someone who has tested positive that you call 336-6696 and get tested. If you have been in close contact with someone and while you are waiting for those results to come back, please stay home and do not go out and continue work as usual because we've had a number of cases where people have been exposing their co-workers or their clients while they wait for tests or while they know they've been exposed to someone, so just be safe and keep everyone else in mind." 

Dr. Borus again highly urges everyone...both employees and customers at wear face masks and practice social distancing. He says businesses could potentially lose their workforce by not encouraging employees and customers to wear face masks.

Dr. Borus adds it's evident locally that many are under the false impression the pandemic is over.