Local Firefighter Posts Impressive Results In Firefighter Combat Challenge

Fri 11-18-2016 []

(Arnolds Park)-- A member of the Arnolds Park/Okoboji Dive Rescue team had an impressive performance recently at the World Championships of the Firefighter Combat Challenge.

Todd Krukow participated in the event October 28th and 29th in Montgomery, Alabama...Krukow01 

"I placed 5th last year in the Chief division and 7th in the Over 40; this year I placed 2nd in the Chief division and 3rd in over 40."

Krukow says the competition definitely isn't for the weak of heart....Krukow02 

"It starts off with a 5-story tower, you're in full firefighter gear, on air and you have a 42 pound high rise pack on your shoulders where you have to run up to the top and throw that in the box, then you have to pull 42 pounds up 5 stories and then run back down and hit a 165 pound Kaiser, move that 5 feet with a 9 pound shot mallet, and then you run through the sound course and pick up an inch and three-quarter charged hose which is about 300 pounds you have to drag about 75 feet to the target, and then pickup a 175 pound rescue randy and drag it back 106 feet to complete the challenge. My time this year was a minute 32."

Krukow tells KUOO news how he first got involved in the event...Krukow03 

"It all started back here probably about 2007, 2008. Everly Fire and Rescue here in Clay county actually had a little firefighter challenge mini course that they put together. It was from there that I heard about this Combat Firefighter Challenge through ESPN and then I decided to take it to the next level."

In addition to serving on the Arnolds Park/Okoboji Dive Rescue Team, Krukow is also the Assistant Fire Chief in Dickens.