Local Election Officials Remind Voters Of Some Things To Keep In Mind Before Heading Out To Polling Sites

Tue 11-3-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Local election officials are putting out a few last minute reminders on this election day. Jordan Moyer of the Dickinson County Auditor's Office says those voting today (Tues.) will need to do so at their respective precinct polling site...Moyer & Election Day Reminders01 

"They cannot vote at the courthouse, old Paul's Body Shop, where it's been since October 5th. I do have the locations that are listed on our website otherwise you can go on to the Secretary of State's Office as well and there's a place on there that you can actually put in your address and it will tell you what polling place you need to go to. And if you can't figure that out you can call our office but they have a pretty easy website that you can go to."

Moyer says there is also still time to return absentee ballots...Moyer & Election Day Reminders02 

"They have until 9:00 tonight when the polls close and they can either get dropped off in our office otherwise they can get dropped in the drop box, that's right on the west side of the courthouse on the main entrance."

Moyer still expects a big turnout at the polls today (Tue.) even though there was an extremely high amount of absentee voting going on...Moyer & Election Day Reminders03 

"We hit 8,088 on yesterday for the absentee voting. We had 375 people walk through our absentee location yesterday so that was way higher than what was expected and I was at the Expo Building this morning actually at about 6:45 there already was a line of people that were ready to vote at 7:00 when they opened and the same in Milford. I'm assuming the other locations also had a line. People, you know, even though with COVID going on and everything they still like the experience of going to the polling place to vote on election day."

Moyer also reminds those planning to vote today (Tues.) you will need to have some sort of valid identification with you such as a driver's license. And she says you will need proof of address to update your registration if you recently moved.