Local Election Official Says There's A Real Important Item To Remember If You've Requested A Ballot In The Mail, But Decide Instead To Vote In Person

Fri 10-2-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- In person early voting for the November election gets underway Monday, October 5th and continues through November 2nd. In Dickinson county the place to do that will be the old Paul's Body Shop building, just south of the courthouse at 909 19th Street. Voting at that location will be going on from 8:15 am until 4:15 pm Monday through Friday. A reminder, you will need to have your driver's license with you when you show up.

On another note, Jordan Moyer of the Dickinson County Auditor's Office says absentee ballots that were requested by mail will be going out as well this coming Monday. Moyer explains what you will need to do in the event you've requested a ballot by mail and have decided instead to vote early in person...Moyer & Early Voting 

"These ballots will not have been received by the day that in-person voting begins, and since the voter's record will reflect that a ballot has been requested, voters who have requested ballots by mail are strongly encouraged to wait for their ballot to arrive rather than attempting to vote in person. Because if you decide that you want to come and do in person voting you do have to have that ballot in hand and you do have an active absentee ballot request form in the mail, so if you decide you do want to come in and vote in person then you would need to wait until your ballot is received in the mail and then you can bring that to us and then we'll be able to change you in the system to voting in person rather than by mail."

Moyer says you should contact your local County Auditor's Office if you have any questions.