Left With Very Few Or No Options To Market, Many Area Livestock Producers Now Being Forced To Euthanize Their Animals

Wed 5-6-2020

(Lakefield, Mn.)-- Concern continues to grow over the closure of meatpacking facilities due to COVID-19 and the impact it's having on livestock producers in the region.

Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield tells KUOO news it's especially devastating right now for pork producers. He says many are now being forced to euthanize their animals. Nesseth says while that is taking a toll financially and psychologically, it's causing another issue as well. He says producers are having to come up with ways to properly dispose of the carcasses...Jim Nesseth01 

"Rendering of course is the first choice, but you know they're getting overburdened and tasked with all this large number of animals. Composting seems to be the next alternative; we've got a, I know there's a site in Round Lake, Minnesota that's been approved where they're actually grinding them up and composting them. That's kind of a hard thing to imagine but that's what's happening. And burying. There's just some issues there. You have to have about a five foot separation between the water table and the hogs that you bury, so that's kind of not been a good choice there, either, or a practical choice. So it's been a real struggle, Steve. I just don't think the public really knows how tough it's been to go through this pandemic and all of the things that these livestock producers are going through."

Nesseth says hopefully the worse will soon be over with some processing facilities starting to come back on line.