Leaders Of Both Major Political Parties Expecting Good Turnouts For This (Mon.) Evening's Caucuses

Mon 2-3-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- After months of political ads and hearing from candidates, Iowa voters will finally have their say as the presidential selection process gets underway this (Mon.) evening with the caucuses. 

Locally, officials with both major political parties are expecting good turnouts. Bret Copeland, Chairman of the Dickinson County Democratic Party, says they're expecting to see a lot of people at both of their caucus sites...Copeland01 

"The Dickinson County Democrats are very excited to caucus. We've had a lot of great candidates come through Dickinson county and the Iowa Great Lakes Area this year. I'm pretty sure that we'll either meet or exceed the participation that we had in '16 and 2008. We've got a lot of great candidates and folks, I think, are by and large still undecided so I think that a lot of folks will come out and decide caucus night on who's corner they're going to stand in."

Dickinson county Democrats will be caucusing at two locations. Depending upon the precinct in which you live, you will be caucusing at either the Dickinson County Expo Building in Spirit Lake or the Milford Community Building in Milford. You can find your caucus location by going to 

Republicans are also expecting a good turnout, even though President Donald Trump is running virtually unopposed. Party Chairman Dave Rowley is hoping for a turnout similar to what they saw in 2016...Rowley01 

"You know, Steve, it's awfully hard to estimate. A few years ago of course in 2016 we had about 1,200 people. Last year, 2018 was the last. What I'm hoping for, and I think we'll have several hundred people attend, which we would really, really like to see. A nice robust group of people."

All Dickinson county Republicans will be caucusing this (Mon.) evening in the Wimbledon Room at Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in Okoboji. 

Caucuses for both parties will begin at 7:00 pm. 

A reminder that you must be registered as a Democrat if you plan to attend the Democratic caucus, or as a Republican if you wish to attend the Republican caucus. You can change your party affiliation when you sign in at your caucus site.