Lakeside Lab's Treasure Hike now open for the Season

Fri 6-19-2020 1838 Highway 86, Milford, IA

(Okoboji)-The Lakeside Treasure Hike is now open, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Lakeside Lab Treasure Hike open for the Season 

The Treasure Hike at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory has opened for the season.

Education Coordinator Jane Shuttleworth says, the self-guided hike is a tour of the Lakeside Campus.  "The Treasure Hike is a self-guided map to explore the grounds of Iowa Lakeside Lab, because we have 140 acres of prairie and woods and lake shore habitat, with all kinds of different animals and plants.  There's a bald eagle nest, there's all kinds of birds nesting there.  There's dragonflies, frogs, so there's a lot to explore."

She adds that the Hike has been modified this year.  "This year we're doing it a little differently.  In the past, we had hidden treasure boxes.  This year because of the COVID pandemic, we didn't want to have shared surfaces that people might be touching so instead we're just having people find specific things as they hike through the grounds.  You can come anytime during daylight hours to the Lab.  Right in the main parking lot, there's a trail head with a box and on the side are all the maps.  It takes about 45 minutes to an hour, it depends on how fast or slow you go.  We encourage people to bring their binoculars, maybe a sketch pad, a bottle of water, some insect repellent."

The Lakeside Treasure Hike is open through October and is free and open to the public. 

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